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there is a flame
that sparks
every time I step
on this land

as if I already knew this island
from other times
a past life home
that keeps vibrating inside

I hold this certainty
in the brightness of our eyes
trusting that I will build
my dream here,
guided by the roots of my past
for I believe that dreams
can happen
we just need
to nourish them
and let them
exist in our hearts.


1h shooting and 7 edited images + 1 reel directly afterwards


8h escort, tour planning, shooting at almost secret spots & all great moments on video


Help with the organization and inconspicuous filming of the wedding proposal


We capture the most beautiful day of your life on video

Marcel Schöpe

Catching moments ibiza

We live our dream and combine our love for Ibiza and the passion for video and photography here on this wonderful island.
This passion is reflected in our work and we are always happy to make our customers happy.

Reviews From Our Satisfied Clients

“We have received asuch a lovely proposal video that nw runs in our home in a digital frame in continuous loop - just great!"

"I almost never take photos of myself because I never know how best to pose and what looks good. Catching Moments gives super assistance here and you feel comfortable in the family atmosphere."

"Super nice team that works totally fast. Photos and video I had received the same day! Thanky a lot"

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